24th World Congress on Dance Research will be held in Moscow, Russia, 10-14 February 2010.

Peter Nadbitov, an artistic director of the Kalmyk State Dance Theatre ‘Oiraty’ is invited to this Congress as a member of the International Dance Council (CID UNESCO) with his report ‘The Kalmyk dance. Its’ online pokies game history and the present’.

In the context of this Congress there will be a concert of this theatre in the House of Culture on Dubrovka February, 12 2010 at 19:00. The Kalmyk program will be shown to the audience.

The Children’s Choreographic School by the Kalmyk State Dance Theatre ‘Oiraty’ will participate in the IV-th International Christmas Festival-Competition ‘The world of fairy wonders’ in Zakopane, Poland.

The program of the children’s ensemble ‘Tengrin ki’ includes Kalmyk dances: Chicherdyk, Ishkimdyk, Races, Khadaki, Sharka-Barka. 

Above any praises 

The Kalmyk State Dance Theatre "Oiraty" simply won hearts of the mountain-Altay public. And at such degree of professionalism, talent and preparation it could not be otherwise. The artists showed their brilliant abilities in the performance devoted to traveller Feodor Konyuhov, «In the wake of the Great silk way».

№231 the 5 th december 2002 .
The OIRATY have presented their new program

      During celebration of Zul the State Folk Dance Theatre OIRATY offered its new concert program "The Friend of Steppe Kalmyk" to the audience. The program startled with its novelty, rich and bright colours. The wonderful performance was interspersed with different lines. There was valour, monastic appeasement, marriages, joy, sorrow, the meeting of Khan Ajuka and Peter I, the War of 1812, the Great Patriotic war - all Kalmyk history from time immemorial till our days. Each movement and turning is accurate and adjusted, everything is beautiful, natural. The audience exploded with applause. There is another offering from the OIRATY - today they are going to give a performance at the stage of the State Central Concert Hall "Russia". Today there will be announced the names of winners of the All-Russian contest "The Youth is for the Culture in the World". The diplomas, special prizes, valuable presents, recording in a studio, conclusion of contracts - that is what is in store of prizemen and winners.
During the year the severe jury valued the creative work of the young talents of Russia. The best and the most interesting performers and groups were chosen. The finalists were invited to the gala-concert with participation of Russian pop-stars, where Kalmykia will be represented by the dance "The Nomads". Let us cross fingers for luck and wait for them winning!

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